About us

Fabricate Studio researches Industry 4.0 knowledge and technologies to model new approaches to the industrial workplace. Our focus is on the cultural, social and design aspects of Industry 4.0. We liaise with  local manufacturers, private and public educational institutions, cultural institutions and local councils to explore and promote  the commercial, artistic and educational potentials made possible within i4.0.

As consultants, we create synergistic partnerships with manufacturers, health professionals, policy makers and those professionals seeking ways to engage companies in Industry 4.0 processes, such as big data, design and fruition practices, policies and micro-business development. As researchers, we have been monitoring and exploring the state of the art of i4.0, post-digital design and digital fabrication for projects conducted for public and educational institutions, such as RMIT and The University of Newcastle.

In 2017, Fabricate partnered with: Frankston Foundry to deliver the first of their digital fabrication workshops to high school students; Newcastle City Council to deliver the first digital fabrication Hub in conjunction with the Library; New Futures Creative Textile Enterprise to develop digital fabrication training for migrant and newly arrived refugee women.

Antonino Nielfi, PhD

Dr Antonino Nielfi is an Art and Design historian and curator, and an entrepreneur in Digital Fabrication and Design.

Antonino completed his PhD in Art History at the University of Melbourne in August 2016, with a dissertation on social engagement of artistic creativity in early Italian Futurism. His work is currently shortlisted for the Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence for 2017.

In 2013 and 2014 Antonino worked as an independent Art and Design curator for the Italian Embassy in Canberra and designed “SPEED”, an international exhibition of Italian Futurist Art. In 2015 and 2016 was Chief curator, Research assistant and Partnership Manager for University-backed startup Mobile Makers, and curated the exhibition FORUM ONE for the University of Canberra. In 2016 Antonino worked as a Resident Curator and Exhibition Manager at ANVIL Studio, a contemporary design studio and gallery based in Canberra.

In 2016 Antonino founded Fabricate Studio, to assist educational and research institutions in the public and private sectors with the establishment of tailored digital fabrication laboratories, workshops and professional training.

His professional and academic research has focused for more than 5 years on the relationship between art and design, the public engagement of creative groups and the role of crowds in art practices. He has presented the outcomes of my research at local and international conferences, in Australia and England. His professional interests focus on the engagement of the broader public in design, industrial and fine arts, ranging from late modern production (1900 onwards) and contemporary fine, street and industrial art, mediated by additive manufacturing technologies.

Angelina Russo, PhD

Professor Angelina Russo is an internationally recognised designer/ researcher with more than 100 publications, 4 national  design awards and 25 years of experience in cultural research /teaching and design practice. She is regularly invited to provide thought leadership to the cultural sector and her grant writing has resulted in over $2m in grants over 12 years.

She has a PhD in Architecture and Design and an MBA in Higher Education
Management form University College London (2014). She is an invited Associate
Scholar in the Centre for Research in Digital Education, Moray House, University of Edinburgh and a former Board Member of CraftACT.
In 2017 she  co-founded Fabricate Studio, a business that focuses on bespoke digital fabrication training and lab development. In this role she has delivered digital fabrication training to refugees and new migrants through the New Creative Futures Textile Enterprise.
Prior to this she  held leadership roles in academia including: Associate DeanResearch, University of Canberra; Director of Higher Degrees Research, RMIT University; Chief Investigator, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative
Industries and Innovation and Head of Communication Design, Queensland University of Technology.

She has  received national and international awards including: QueenslandPremiers’ Smithsonian Fellowship (undertaken in New York); Australian Post-Graduate Industry Awards (resulting in 1.1millionAUD grant);
Australian Wool Fashion Awards (first prize, twice). She is recognised for her extensive social enterprise experience through her work as a co-founder of the 4000 member global network, Museum3 which provided an invaluable resource to the cultural sector.
She is a member of the Fulbright Scholarship Committee, an AustralianResearch Council Assessor and a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).