Our projects are based on solid market, industry and academic research. We focus on the latest innovations in the theory and practices of digital fabrication.


We guide our clients through the process of business development, grant applications, digital training and networking with small-medium innovation industries.


At the core of our practice is the attention to the environment and to sustainable practices. This includes ecological practices, materials and cradle-to-grave digital fabrication frameworks.

Our consultancy process follows a rigorous and streamlined process, which is adapted to the specific needs of our clients.
Project planning
The core project-idea is defined and the key milestones, parties involved, prospective industry and education partners, as well as prospective funding. We conduct meetings with our clients, which we introduce to our leading distributors, consulting and industry partners.

Network establishment
We establish a solid support network, composed of an ecosystem of creative, educational, training, sustainable and community engagement partnering institutions and industries.
 Arts & Crafts
Public & Private funding
Community engagement
Education & Training
We involve creative groups and businesses active in traditional and digital artistic fabrication. We source private and public funding on behalf of our clients, such as local and national grants and private project support. Through our strategic partners, we implement community engagement plans, spanning from live workshops to social media campaigns. We provide digital training for our clients, to operate  machinery and integrate digital fabrication in traditional education activities. Our digital fabrication projects follow strict cradle-to-grave frameworks, which are based on recycling of materials and minimisation of waste.


Launch & support
We provide ongoing consultancy and support during the launch and implementation of each project. We keep our training resources up-to-date, we keep constant communication between our clients and leading partners.

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